Questions & Answers:

Can everyone do this?

The answer to that question is “Yes,” everyone can elevate to the point where they can catch spirits on camera. However, there is a bit of preparation involved in this process. Some people are born with the “gift,” the extraordinary ability to view, hear, and communicate with spirits. The rest of us must go through the process of enabling our body and mind to connect with the spirit world. I don’t have a clear formula for reaching the point where your senses are in tune with the “other side.” What I can offer are some guidelines that will help in gaining the spiritual growth and evolution needed to reach that elusive higher plain.

1.  Acceptance – You must accept and believe in the fact that spirits exist. Our society has long viewed spirits as taboo. In America’s early years, anyone who claimed to view spirits was called “witch.” The stigma has endured through the years, though our terms have changed. To begin to connect with the other side, you must cast off the uncertainty and fear that may hinder your connection.

2.  Fear – This is the worst hindrance to obtaining communication with the other side. My favorite argument about what we do is that it is the devil, or that any connection to spirits will result in something bad. Even after you have accepted the presence of spirits, fear will hold you back. This is not an easy bridge to cross. Though I would love to say that fear is no longer a deterrent to me, it often holds me back.

3.  Connection – Connection will work while there is still fear in your mind. However, the connection will be weak. There is a direct relation between the success of a connection and the amount of fear that you have.

4.  Awareness – After you have achieved the first three steps, you must remain aware of everything around you, even that which is invisible to the naked eye. Spirits are most easily identified by their presence, the feeling that you get when you know that someone is near. This awareness must be permanent.

Where can paranormal energies be found?

The life force, spirit, soul that resides in all of us, every living thing, is energy. I visualize my own as a glowing ball that resides in the center of my emotional and sensual self. This ball will never go away – our energies cannot be destroyed-only transformed. When a body dies, that energy is released without the physical engine that allowed it to communicate, walk, sit, and sleep. During a physical lifetime, the body conducts the energy that is needed to perform the task of living. When death occurs, the soul is left without its physical engine and must adapt itself to use power from other sources in order to be seen and heard. Because the spirit needs energy, it is best to look for souls in locations where there is a ready source. Now, when I speak of energy I’m not necessarily talking about power plants and batteries. Those energies do work, but the spirit can use more subtle forms of power to achieve the same results. We have found that spirits are more easily photographed around vegetation and near minerals that act as conductors. Interior investigations show that spirits usually are found in attics or basements, both of which contain wiring and electrical sources.

Why can’t I see the energies that are caught on film with my naked eye?

This is a question that we often ask ourselves, because our work would be much easier if we could see energy as easily as we see each other during an investigation. However, spiritual energies are not hindered by the bulk of a physical body and because of this they operate on a much higher vibrational frequency than we do. Our eyes cannot see these energies without a great deal of training because the physical body is not adept at working with these vibrational levels.

What are the differences between imprints, spirits, and ghosts?

Years of horror movies and spooky books have taught us to expect spirits to appear as apparitions. Of course, these sources have also taught us that spirits are mean, destructive, and evil. The entertainment industry’s job is to glamorize the mundane, and truthfully folks, supernatural investigation is often mundane. The spirit of your dead grandmother is not going to sit in her favorite rocker for all of eternity. Her spirit is electric, alive, and waiting for its next entrance to the physical world. Yes, we believe in the spiritual journey through reincarnation. The orbs and mists and fogs that we capture are spirits. The apparition that is seen in the wine cellar in the city’s oldest restaurant at 12:00 p.m. every night is an imprint. So what is an imprint? An imprint is kind of like a spiritual photograph. An event captured for all time on the physical world. Imprints are repetitive and involve apparitions that can be seen by the naked eye. Imprints are a true haunting because the impression is trapped in a location. Spirits are very mobile; they are not rooted to the house where they lived in the past life, or the cemetery where their bodies are interred.