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 FULL MOON EXPLORATIONS (established 2001)** is a paranormal investigations team based in Colorado, in the Denver Metro area.

Our mission is twofold: Give members the opportunity to experience, document, research and safely investigate ghosts, hauntings and other paranormal phenomena for themselves, AND to have a good time while doing it.

This web site is for our members to post their findings  and be in contact with other individuals who share the same interest in the paranormal.

Membership is available for individuals and groups.
See the
Member Benefits Page for more information on how to join.

WE DO NOT BELIEVE IN CHARGING SITES FOR INVESTIGATIONS and base much of our policies and such by referencing the
Ghost Club, the oldest ghost hunting group in existence.

If you would like to have your evidence or stories posted on our site, please E-mail them to us. We will then review them for clarity, etc. and if approved, post your findings on our site, giving you full credit for your evidence. However, preferenced space is given to group members.

This site also contains information on additional services provided by members of the team, team-hosted special events, links to other paranormal sites and our favorite web sites.

Thank you for visiting our site and enjoy your stay!


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Fairmount Cemetery

Central City

Belvedere Theatre , Central City

Ranch Camp Face in Corner?

Miramount Castle

Legal stuff: all materials/photos and text submitted to (Michelle) Full Moon Explorations or posted by Full Moon Explorations becomes the property of Full Moon Explorations. All images posted by Full Moon Explorations of our excursions and investigations are the sole property of Full Moon Explorations. If they are found on other websites without our expressed permission we will take issue with you. If quoting us please use all the text so your quotes are not taken out of context  and please ask permission first.

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